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Frequently asked questions

Question: Where are the certificates of the shackles/Cranemaster/delta plates?

Answer: Copies of all certificates are provided in the small suitcase following the Cranemaster units.

Question: Do we need to pressurize Cranemaster after arrival?

Answer: This depends on the agreements you have made with Cranemaster. If shipped by air it will always need to be pressurized.

Question: The weight/rigging has changed, do we need to adjust Cranemaster?

Answer: Normally yes, please contact us.

Question: Can Cranemaster be used to reduce dynamic hook loads when lifting through the splash zone?

Answer: Yes, the Cranemaster is designed to instantly respond to its surroundings, take up slack wire and reduce dynamic loads. Read about the use of the Cranemaster through the splash zone on our applications pages.

Question: What is the deepest operating depth for the Cranemaster units?

Answer: As of today Cranemaster has been used at 2700 meters water depth and is designed to operate down to 3000 meters. However, for deep water operations special depth compensation techniques may be required.

Question: Can Cranemaster units be used together with AHC?

Answer: Yes, the Cranemaster units will work perfectly together with AHC that responds to inputs from an accelerometer.

Question: What load range is applicable for Cranemaster units?

Answer: The different Cranemaster units cover a load range from 1-700T. Each unit is designed for a specific load range, and they can be arranged in parallel (doubling the load) or series (doubling the stroke) which gives you a variety of settings. Read more about the Cranemaster load range on our product pages.

Question: What additional information and equipment do you get when you order a Cranemaster unit?

Answer: The unit comes with certified shackles already mounted in each end. User manuals, certificates and project specific gas pressure instructions are sent, together with a gas filling set which include manometer, minimess hose, minimess tong and adapters.

Cranemaster can also provide booster pumps, digital manometers and service engineers if necessary.

The only thing our clients might need to provide themselves is nitrogen (class 2.6). This is only needed if the gas pressure needs to be adjusted.