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Trusted partner for the world's leading offshore contractors

Cranemaster is a specialist provider of advanced ofshore lifting equipment. Our business is reduction of wave induced forces and motion. We have a large rental fleet of Cranemaster units for lifts up to 1200 T ready for immediate dispatch. In addition we develop units tailor-made to clients specifications and provide engineering services related to lift analysis.


The inventor of passive heave compensation (PHC) for offshore lifts

Cranemaster is the inventor of passive heave compensators for offshore lifting, and our customers range from small diving companies to most of the world’s largest marine contractors for oil, gas and renewable energy.


The name of the company is Ernst-B. Johansen AS, while Cranemaster is our marketing brand. Our founder Ernst Børge Johansen founded the company back in 1983 in response to the increasing number of lifting accidents in the North Sea. With hard work and dedication he made the company a success in its niche, and Cranemaster is now the world leader in shock absorbers and passive heave compensation system for lifting operations.


Oddbjørn Bergem , CEO


Oddbjørn Bergem has been at the forefront of innovation and technology for almost three decades. He started his career as a scientist in underwater research, and continued as Head of Engineering for Saclantcen undersea research centre in Italy. After a leadership role at Kongsberg Group, he joined Network Electronics (now Nevion) as CEO and led the company from an entrepreneurial group of 30 employees to a global video transport leader. In 2012 Oddbjørn took over the role as CEO of Cranemaster-Ernst.B-Johansen AS.

Oddbjørn holds a PhD in information technology from the Norwegian University of Science & Technology (NTNU) and earned an MBA from Ashridge Management College, London. Oddbjørn is currently active on several boards of directors in the international technology community.

Sondre Gonsholt , CTO


Sondre Gonsholt has broad experience from the offshore industry, with particular focus on subsea technology. Starting at FMC Technologies, he worked as a field engineer offshore, supporting subsea well operations. He continued his career as technical lead and specialist engineer, developing new technology for vessel based riserless well intervention. Since joining Cranemaster, he has been responsible for large development projects, including  the next generation of adaptive control systems. Sondre joined the management team at Cranemaster in 2016.

Sondre holds a Master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the Norwegian University of Science & Technology (NTNU).

Espen Johansen , COO


Espen Johansen has nearly 20 years of experience from the offshore oil & gas industry. Ten of these years in Statoil as a process engineer and later as a department technical advisor dealing with both subsea and topside applications. Espen has been involved in Cranemaster since the early 90`s, gathering extensive experience in the field of passive heave compensation.

Espen has education in both process/mechanical disciplines and business economics and is currently active on several boards of directors.

Kristian Helland , Product Manager


Kristian Helland has broad experience from technology and product development within several industrial areas. His career started in SINTEF Applied Chemistry as scientist within analytical chemistry and empirical modelling. After several years in Borealis (Polyolefin production) as researcher and manager in product and process development he continued to solar wafer production as part of the Technology Mangement team in REC Wafer, part of the REC Group. Kristian joined Cranemaster in 2012 to contribute to Cranemaster’s product development and customer support.

Kristian holds a PhD in analytical chemistry and empirical modelling from the Norwegian University of Science & Technology (NTNU).




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