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Heave compensation during external turret mooring repair

on 29 March 2016

Application areas for Cranemaster technology are numerous. In this current operation off the African west coast, a Cranemaster unit was used during maintenance operation on an FPSO external turret mooring structure. As part of the maintenance operation, a swivel should be exchanged. While exchanging the swivel, a strand jack was used to hold together the structure. To compensate for motions in the turret caused by heaving of the FPSO, a Cranemaster unit  was applied as part of the strand jack rigging (see Fig. 1).
The use of our Cranemaster unit enabled a smooth and robust exchange of the swivel, and contributed to safe and successful maintenance operation. Fig. 2 shows how the turret structure is carried by the rigging of the Cranemaster unit and the strand jack, during the swivel replacement operation.

Fig. 1: Strand jack rigging including Cranemaster unit (CM3-250T-2500-A with SWL 250t) for heave compensation

Fig. 2: Strand jack rigging compensated by Cranemaster unit holding turret structure during swivel replacement