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Adaptive PHC

We are constantly increasing our fleet of adaptive Cranemaster units. Since the introducion of the systems in 2013 the technology has evolved, with improved handling and increased performance, resulting in even larger operational weather windows. 


  • Reduced rigging height
  • Reduced possibility for re-contact during lift off from supply vessel
  • Improved splash zone performance
  • Further decrease in subsea landing speed
  • Improved operational weather window


  • Rigging height reduction via remotely controlled piston locking/opening in air
  • Quick-lift in air. Uses internal pressure to retract piston rod to avoid re-contact during lift-off
  • Automatic stroke correction in air
  • Landing compensation mode. Reduce probability for re-lifting during landing
  • Automatic external temperature compensation in air and in water
  • Advanced splash zone mode
  • Automatic stroke correction in water. Compensate for wet-weight inaccuracies and buoyancy
  • Depth compensation through balanced piston design and/or intelligent stroke control. Removes the effect of the hydrodynamic pressure on the piston rod. Cranemaster has exclusive patented right to balanced (passive) depth compensation*
  • Logging of all critical data, including forces and movements
  • ROV monitoring and control (e.g. piston lock subsea)
  • Automatic piston lock and/or release at predefined depth
  • Advanced subsea landing mode. Cranemaster uses all onboard accumulators during landing mode, giving unsurpassed landing speed reduction capabilities
*InterMoore Inc, the owner of US patent 7934561 “Depth Compensated Subsea Passive Heave Compensator”, has granted an exclusive worldwide right for the use of the patent to Cranemaster

Please contact us for further information and availability for the specific units.

Cranemaster unit with adaptive control system (CMAC) being tested in our fullscale simulator.  


SWL 50T Cranemaster unit (CM3-50T-3500-A)


SWL 1000T Cranemaster unit (CM3-1000T-4000-A)


ROV monitoring display, showing status information



Remote radio control for adaptive PHC